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Chitwan Tour | Chitwan Tour Package
Chitwan National Park is Nepal’s first national park to be listed as UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE site. The park is home of unlimited endangered species of animals and vegetation. Travelers will get unique moments of exploring the deciduous sub tropical forest as well as get chance to acquaint with indigenous Tharu community. We have knitted the Chitwan Tour Package in such a way that travelers will get activities like Elephant ride & bath, Jeep safari, bird watching, crocodile breeding center visit, Tharu cultural program, sunset view from Narayani River bank etc.

Get Chitwan Tour Package in the best rate with us. We have numerous touring activities in Chitwan clubbed together for the amazing experience of flatland geographical belt of Nepal. Chitwan is third most visited touristic place of Nepal after Kathmandu and Pokhara. Therefore, there are plethoras of things to do in Chitwan. You will wonder how climate, geography and forest structure change in just about half an hour of flight or 4 hours of driving. Riding an elephant and gazing at the animals like tiger, deer, one horned rhino, wild buffaloes etc. and participating in the bathing moment of gigantic mammal the elephant worth every penny spent for the tour in Chitwan. Travelers will explore deep inside the jungle and observe varieties of vegetation too. Wildlife, insects and birds are found in abundance inside the sanctuary. Crocodile breeding center and elephant breeding center are two conservation areas where you can observe how these species of animals are conserved. Getting relaxed on the bank of Narayani River observing the sunset is also another feature of Chitwan Tour Package. The cultural program showcasing the traditions, rituals and practices of Tharu Community too will be very momentous.

Choose the Chitwan Tour Package for your holiday in Nepal. You will feel as if you are in completely different place of the earth. Indigenous community culture, forests, wildlife, vegetation and tranquil environment would definitely become your most sumptuous holiday ever. Hurry up and sign up with us as early as possible to get best rates for Chitwan Tour Package.


Day 1: Drive to chitwan.
Day 2: Jungle activities.
Day 3: Drive back to kathmandu or pokhara.

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